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NEWS: Farr 30 Sailing Yacht Joins the Yachting in Croatia Offer At Yachting in Croatia, we have some exciting news… Our Director, CEO and passionate teacher
Mario Kundih just bought a FARR 30 sailing yacht!

After more than 20 years at sea, skippering, sailing, regattas, and teaching, Mario has realised his dream of buying a performance sailing yacht. Mario couldn’t be more excited and neither can we because this means a new and unique offer for our clients.

The FARR 30 is a great addition to our current offer. We will be using her with sail training – skipper training, and regatta training, as well as using her to enter regattas in the region. Not only this, but our FARR 30 will be the only FARR 30 in Croatia! Thus, adding to our (already strong) reputation of providing the best, most comprehensive skipper and regatta sailing training on the Adriatic. With the addition of the FARR 30 to our fleet, we also stay true to our vision of continually innovating and bringing something new to the Adriatic and nautical tourism in Croatia.

What does the team from Farr Design have to say about this yacht and build?
The FARR 30 (x-Mumm 30) was created as a state-of-the-art offshore one design that would be fast and exciting, yet uncomplicated and economical – with no compromises made in performance. During design conferences, the Farr Design group applied a simple test for complex issues – “Will this detail or feature make the boat more fun to sail?” Time again, they found that the simplest solution was often the best. For example, with no running backstays, the extra crewman needed for runners or the chance of losing the rig if the runners aren’t set up properly was eliminated. The symmetrical vs. asymmetrical spinnaker debate is a non-issue. Each has its advantages and place, so we have allowed for both, making the FARR 30 (x-Mumm 30) today's most versatile downwind boat.

Meticulous care and attention have been paid to every detail of the engineering and construction of the FARR 30 (x-Mumm 30). The Rig is simple to use but is state-of-the-art carbon fibre laminate, tested and refined to suit the boat perfectly. (source: Farr Design)

All of this sounds quite technical but in short, the FARR 30 is an exceptional sailing and performance yacht, which easily reaches speeds of up to 20-knots downwind. Experienced sailors will love the chance to enhance their knowledge and test their skills on a performance yacht. Anyone who completes sail training with Yachting Academy will also be offered the opportunity to join us in regattas on our FARR 30, an incredible opportunity.

The FARR 30 does not have any cabins as she has been built as a performance cruiser, she is Spartan
but can sleep four crew, military-style. Chartering the FARR 30 is less for those wanting a comfort
cruise, and more for those interested in performance sailing.

2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year and we cannot wait to meet you all at sea. To learn more
about sailing in Croatia: yacht charter, sail training, skipper training or regattas, visit our dedicated
pages or contact our team.

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