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We are expertly organized company specilized for providing various services within nautical tourism, addition with sporting, Educational SAILING SCHOOL CROATIA, SKIPPER TRAINING PROGRAM )and entertainment aspects of yachting under our brand Yachting in CroatiaOur main philosophy is to promote Sailing and Nautical tourism in Croatia.


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Vienna 01.February 2018. Several years ago when I was looking for a good course to start my skipper career, I decided to attend Marios Skippers Drill course. I had some experience before, but this week of training really did it for me. The course was very professional and intense, and I became much more confident in maneuvering the vessel in the narrow marinas, which was the biggest issue for me at the times. The great thing about Mario is not only his competence in terms of sailing, but also his profound understanding of all the aspects of being a skipper and his willingness to share his knowledge with his Students. From forecast based planing to showing us special places as we sailed along, he even talked with great passion about cooking on board. We could ask him anything. So apart from being really beneficial for my sailing skills, skippers drill was also great time with Mario and the crew. Edo Marinkov about Skippers drill, October 2012

Edo, 05. 02. 2018.

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