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El curso está bien estructurado y toca todos los temas que un Skipper necesita. Además, Mario nos empujaba a preguntar más, a probar y hacer nuestras propias experiencias para aprovechar el tiempo a bordo. Él mostró dedicación, paciencia y además ganas de disfrutar con nosotros. Sólo puedo recomendar la experiencia!

(The course is well structured and goes through all the topics needed for a Skipper. On top of that, Mario was constantly pushing us to ask him more, test and do our own research in order to get the most out of the time spent on board. He showed dedication, patience and was also willing to have fun with us in the process. I can only fully recommend the experience!)

Lucas Alejandro, 03. 05. 2021.

Straight forward explanations and Mario being a very patient trainer was great. It was a good experience sailing also in not so easy conditions and practicing docking over and over again.

Stephan Heinrich Siegfried, 03. 05. 2021.


Every summer I go sailing with my friends. I love to be at sea, so I decided to attend the Yachting in Croatia academy, skippers drill course. In a week I learned to steer the boat completely on my own. We spend days on board, manoeuvring, trimming the sails and so on. Mario is a true professional when it comes to learning and a real friend for jokes and fun.
Big THANKS to teacher Mario and World yachting charter for the sailboat

Kruno Hadari, 03. 05. 2021.

Well organized course, great learning experience in different weather situations. Great teacher with a good way to explain things and the patience to let you try - no matter if it’s 30kts or no wind.

Conrad Woeltge, 03. 05. 2021.

well organised course, good materials shared in advance. Mario’s patience deserves appreciation, and his approach gave a chance to explore and learn, and not just following his commands. at the same time it was fun and the atmosphere was very friendly.

Ievgen Nedoviseov, 03. 05. 2021.

Prepare to learn a lot in this course. There was a lot of theory to study and process at the beginning, but the whole group passed the exam and got our licenses. And after that came the fun part - sailing on the boat, practicing docking and undocking (during strong Bura) and learning all important pieces from an experienced captain.

Samir Caus, 03. 05. 2021.

Get Licenses at May2018, Mario is a great Teacher. Explain navigation basic during short time with positive results! Thak You Very Match for assistance!

KOSTYANTYN & TATYANA, 29. 12. 2018.

I have been working as a skipper for some time and this fall I decided to upgrade my knowledge by attending the course called "Skippers Drill". This course takes place in the Šibenik archipelago on the sailing boat Beneteau First 40.7. The course is led by a professional skipper Mario who has a huge insight and experience in sailing.I very much liked the course because it involves practical work and training.We would spend days at sea,hoisting and dropping spinnakers and gennakers,manoeuvring,trimming the sails and so on.It is an excellent experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to perfect their sailing skills.

Ante, 22. 11. 2018.

Never been sailing before. After one week intense Skipper courses at Yachting in Croatia Academy been able to charter 49 ft sailboat at my own and have a great summer vacations with my family and friends. So, if somebody really want to enter sailing world, Mario is the person to contact. Very professional , experienced instructor and nice friendly person. During my first independent boat trip have got even very usefull and important online support from Mario . Definitely come to him again to improve my skipper skills, Highly recommended!

Audrius, 07. 11. 2018.

I attended complete skipper course a week ago. Our teacher was Mario. It was absolutely great and fabulous time! Everything was great. Mario did tremendous job! It was not only the courses. It was a short but wonderful journey trough the sailing world. We have got a licence. Its Ok. But most important is, we got a knowledge how to drive a boat, how to manoeuvre, we got courage and a confidence to park the boat in the Marina, we understood the way we must go trough, we got even some passion in sailing and much much more... Many Thanks Mario! Your are Great Skipper and Teacher for skippers as well! Waiting to come for sailing again !

Gintaras, 01. 06. 2018.

I came to the week-long Skipper Training course, with my 15 year old son last year. Mario showed great hospitality towards us. We admired his complete honesty and patience, when teaching us about becoming a Skipper. I really enjoyed being a member of a truly international team. We wish all of you every success in the future, and we hope to visit you again soon.

Alexander and Leo, 05. 03. 2018.

Vienna 01.February 2018. Several years ago when I was looking for a good course to start my skipper career, I decided to attend Marios Skippers Drill course. I had some experience before, but this week of training really did it for me. The course was very professional and intense, and I became much more confident in maneuvering the vessel in the narrow marinas, which was the biggest issue for me at the times. The great thing about Mario is not only his competence in terms of sailing, but also his profound understanding of all the aspects of being a skipper and his willingness to share his knowledge with his Students. From forecast based planing to showing us special places as we sailed along, he even talked with great passion about cooking on board. We could ask him anything. So apart from being really beneficial for my sailing skills, skippers drill was also great time with Mario and the crew. Edo Marinkov about Skippers drill, October 2012

Edo, 05. 02. 2018.

I took several sailing courses before but only after this one in 2014 I was completely confident as a sailor and a skipper. My toutor Mario was not only dedicated to fine details but could adapt the training to the individual. In my case the emphasis was on performance sailing and monouvering. Also the overal organisation of the course was great since we switched different boats types to feal differences. And last, the price was more than fair compared to other simmilar trainings out there on the market.

Luka, 26. 01. 2018.

Last year i was on 2 courses. After only two days i was able to park 15m long sailing boat without any problems. With Mario i discovered totally new way of life, so i just want to jump on boat and go sailing. So simple.......

Filip, , 25. 01. 2018.

There are some things in life I wish I find and did earlier. Sailing is one of them. So I can say its never to late to learn how to do it. Thanks Mario for your time and desire to make us able to enjoy in sailing and give us possibility to learn so much.

Goran Stakić, 25. 01. 2018.

Thanks to Mario received invaluable experience in boat management. And his sense of humor and hospitality made this learning one of the most vivid impressions.

Andrey, 24. 01. 2018.

Last spring, my friends engaged me into the adventure! I had the good fortune to meet up Mario Kundih. Under Mario's supervision we have spent one week to learn how to manage the boat. First of all, he was perfect as a tutor, and, to me, it was great pleasure to learn myself how to be, first of all, a tutor beyond any circumstances. The experience that I acquired from the Skipper course under supervision of Mario has had a much more effect in myself and much more value than I can express in a sentence or two... It is however to me a lifelong experience, which starts at the beginning of the course and never comes to an end, now that it continues to be a part of my life. Bless you, Mario, and keep up the good work! I would also like to thank our crew for the time we spent together.

Nikita, 24. 01. 2018.

It was a great time and I got a lot of experience and self-confidence in maneuvering sailing boat in marinas.

Zeljko, 24. 01. 2018.

We had a great week of intens advanced sailing. It was more than just educational but it was a great fun too! Instructor Mario was an excellent teacher, actually a real mentor

Kreso, 24. 01. 2018.

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