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Yachting in Croatia Academy Training Programs

Sailing, Skipper Training Programs

Our Educational  programs are created in a way to be as interesting and accessible to our students as possible. Goals of program are: that the attendees learn and complete a specific program to the highest standards, to create a team spirit among the attendees, to familiarize them with their daily tasks and the organization on board. In short, introduce attendees to the way of life on board. In collaboration with professional yachtsmen, skippers - instructors and professors of Kinesiology we strive to provide maximum quality of service.

Together with the envisaged educational program, we also wish to introduce attendees to the local stories and places that we are to visit, so that at the end of the course the attendees will have enjoyed a rich and unforgettable experience.

We have few diferent programs specially designed; Sailing School courses for anyone who wants to learn about sailing, beginners, recreational-amateurs, lovers of competitive sailing. Skipper Training Program courses for those who just discover the nautical world and want to become skipper to be able to hire boat in charter with full confidence, or for skippers who already rent boats in bareboat charter, but need to sharpen existing skills and thus gained more self confidence and also for those who want to experience sailing in a different way. Specialized courses for  those who want to become professional skippers and to get job in charter industry, families and those who decide to spend their holidays actively wanting to learn to sail and explore the beauty of the Adriatic i the same time and aslo for all those who want to practice special on motor boat or catamaran.

*All participants who opt for one of our program getting what is most important, and it's high quality education, knowledge and YAC (Yachting in Croatia Academy) certificate as a recognition of participation, t-shirt, learning materials.

*Optional we also offer option for taking exam for official international skipper license.

*We have a GoPro camera and Dron, so we can optionally record your memorable moments.

We look forward to meeting you in our Yachting in Croatia Academy and welcoming you aboard.

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