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Sailing School Croatia

Sailing School Croatia

As part of the Mediterranean, Croatia is considered one of the countries that have a rich maritime history and tradition, as well as the history of sailing itself. The earliest beginnings of sailing in Croatia date from the 19th century when the first sailing clubs started to be established. Today Croatia has World top sailors who in the dingy classes are realizing excellent results like gold olympic in 470.

Our purpose is to promote sailing with an emphasis on recreation and entertainment, and also encourage as many people as possible to take part in this beautiful sport. In collaboration with professional skippers instructors, sailors and professors of Kinesiology. We strive to provide maximum quality of service through our educational program of the Sailing School.

*In short, introduce attendees to the way of life on board a boat. Together with the envisaged educational program, we also wish to introduce attendees to the local stories and places that we are to visit, so that at the end of the course the attendees will have enjoyed a rich and unforgettable experience.


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